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Proudly made in the USA, each holster is cut, tooled, carved, dyed, and sewn by hand. They are made specifically for your pistol, not a handful of models that might fit so-so, but made to fit your model snug and securely.

Holsters can be made for ANY pistol.

For a list of Holster Molds, or Dummy Guns, on hand, Click Here.


Standard Dye colors in stock are- Black, Dark & Medium Brown, and Saddle Tan. Others available by special request. Antique Black, Medium Brown, and Dark Brown finishes are available.

Standard Thread colors are- Black, White, and Brown. Again, others are available by special request.

Standard Hardware, including Buckles, Rivets, and Snap finishes are- Shiny Brass and Shiny Nickle. Antique Brass and Antique Nickle are also available, as well as Black or Gunmetal. Other colors or finishes by special request.

Things To Know Before You Order

Left hand, right hand, forward or rear cant, cross draw, there are many different styles of holster, and many ways they are worn. In order to help you decide what works best for you, so that we are on the same page, look over the tables below. Things I need to know, to make your holster just right for you-

  • Pistol Make and Model
  • Barrel Length
  • Left or Right Hand
  • Belt Clip, Belt Loop, or Full Skirt
    Belt ClipSewn Belt LoopSnap Down Belt LoopFull Skirt W/StrapFull Skirt Mexican Loop

  • Position Holster will be worn
    There are several common positions in which a holster can be worn, for both accessibility and or concealment. Examples for a Right Handed person could be the front right side or Appendix Carry, front left side or Crossdraw. Both are excellent for access or concealment. Most common would be on the hip.
    Gun O'Clock
  • Angle of Cant
    Cant refers to the angle a holster is worn. It allows for different angles that the pistol can be reached, and drawn from the holster.
    Cant Chart
  • Ride Level
    How high or how low you carry, is a personal choice for comfort and accessibility. For a small Compact Pistol, either BELT LEVEL or HIGH is perfectly fine. For a longer barrel revolver, you may want it to hang LOW for an easier Draw.

    Ride Level

  • Open Trigger or Covered Trigger
    Open TriggerClosed Trigger

  • Open Toe or Closed Toe
    Closed Toe